Counseling Services​


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Individual Counseling

One-on-one counseling with a trained professional gives you an opportunity  to take a look at yourself, at all the dark bits, and understand how to be a better you going forward. We provide a judgement free space for you to share your concerns and tailor therapy to best help you grow, heal, and navigate towards a more fulfilling life.

Couples Counseling

Relationship dynamics can be difficult to work through – especially in today’s society. Couples therapy provides a neutral, unbiased place to safely share relationship concerns and work towards a more meaningful connection in your partnership. Healthy relationships exist across a spectrum, so we work from a trauma-informed, queer-affirmative, and polyamory-affirmative perspective to provide an inclusive, knowledgeable, and supportive experience in therapy. 

Group Therapy

Groups usually consist of between 3-7 different people, from different backgrounds, coming together to discuss a common issue; relate to others, gain support and community, and recognize that you’re not alone. 

Play Therapy

Everyone can benefit from play therapy, but the language of children is play. The goal of play therapy is to help children learn to express themselves in healthier ways, become more respectful, empathetic and discover new and more positive ways to solve problems. Play therapy takes place in a safe and comfortable playroom, which houses toys and expressive arts, especially chosen to help with the therapeutic process. 

Trauma Therapy Intensive

Trauma impacts everyone differently. Intensive Therapy is a powerful way to increase the healing and relief that you would experience in a standard 50-minute session. Instead of going to counseling sessions weekly for an hour and possibly losing the momentum week to week, you get to plan for a specific allotted time, like 3 hours, or 2-3 days in a week or weekend, for more intensive therapeutic work. It is a concentrated way to get the effectiveness of therapy without having the time in between sessions. While everyone is unique in their experience, some have found they can do 2 to 3 months’ worth of healing and work they would have gotten in weekly sessions into one or two intensive sessions. 

Community Services​

Restorative Justice Circles

As an alternative to the legal system, Restorative Justice takes a community approach to healing from low levels of harm caused by a community member.

Mental Health Trainings

Continuing education training available for counselors and social workers for Continuing Education Credits. 

Board Approved Supervision

Culturally competent supervision with an experienced supervisor, that will help guild you on the path to being a professional. 

Consulting and Community Wellness

Services available to help new counselors get established or grow their own practice.